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E2: Corporate Consciousness & the Healing Power of Business

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Far too often we settle for the simple story that businesses are only around to increase their bottom line. At some point in time, we accepted the notion that making money and human compassion are mutually exclusive. Raj Sisodia asks us to consider the alternative where businesses are both profitable and work for the benefit of people. This idea made him known as the father of the Conscious Capitalist movement. Aside from his role as a great thinker of our time, he is also the author of several books such as the classics Firms of Endearment and Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business. In his newest book, The Healing Power of Business, Raj aims to remind us that it’s important to be purposeful about the stories that we choose to tell and that this narrative work is a part of healing the damage that past notions of business caused.

“We are all here to take care of each other, and business is an amazing thing that we have invented where we can do that at scale”

“We discovered in this pandemic a deeper level of caring and compassion, we also discovered a level of cooperation with other companies within industries across sectors with governments with nonprofits and others. And we also discovered a capacity to pivot and innovate rapidly”

“You know in the present moment we have the capacity and the power to heal the past, if you don't do that we cannot heal in the present”

“Our system is kind of structured around this idea of a systemic underclass, if you will, of people who are paid at or close to minimum wage, we have no benefits no job security, and who are interchangeable and dispensable, in whom we invest nothing at all in terms of their growth and development. They burn out, and they churn out, and we replace them”

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