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E11: Green Swans & Regenerative Capitialism


After a year as trying as 2020, it’s refreshing to hear from somebody who has a hopeful vision. John Elkington, a world authority on corporate responsibility and inventor of the Triple Bottom Line, explains how he sees things once thought to be impossible are looking feasible as if there is a new world order to come. His latest book, Green Swans: The Coming Boom In Regenerative Capitalism, is about changing tides. Green Swans are not only indicative of market change, but of market change for the better.

John Elkington: They weren't the best voicing their concern than enemies experience; it wasn't that they didn't have those concerns; they just didn't feel anyone listening and now suddenly their voice is being heard. And I think that's, again, tremendously exciting, and perhaps it's that technology that allows that to be more and more possible.

John Elkington: I think we're going to have to get used to exponential trajectories pressing in on every side, and some of those will be problematic like the pandemic. And some of them will hold up the opportunity to extraordinary progress in semi miraculous timescales. We got to run both of those trends at the same time

John Elkington: CEO Doug McMillon just announced that he wants Walmart to become a regenerative company. Hallelujah.

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