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E4: Politics -Corporate Style

Updated: Dec 10, 2020


There is an incredible wealth of publicly available information concerning the ways in which companies interact with politics (although that’s to say more is not necessary and desired). Gabe Rissman helps to make all of this data digestible for stakeholders through his co-founding of The ability to meaningfully understand what companies are disclosing to the public allows investors to identify areas that need reform. He advocates for increased transparency as the first step to action. Anybody can create the change they would like to see, so long as they have the information to identify the problem.

“The ability for individuals and organizations to have a voice is not only part of our rights as citizens but frankly I would view those that don’t participate whether by voting or supporting candidates or officials in any capacity they can, you know I think that would be a shame.”

“I think that fundamentally my role is to encourage people to take part in the political process so I’m really excited about this podcast because I do think that there’s a really strong intersection between the important role that organizations have that companies have obviously offering products and services to the market or to their consumers and also the ways in which they can participate in the political process as well.”

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