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The podcast about the social & moral value of business 

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Voices from Season Two

Jorge Valdes
Los Muchachos: Ride or Die
Legendary Narco 
Ken Feinberg
What is Life Worth?
9/11 Commission
Special Master
Andrew Levin
Democratizing Asset Management
US Congressman (D-MI)
Jessica DiNapoli
Business Roundtable: Re-conceptualizing the Corporation?
Corporate Governance Reporter
JC de Swaan
Transcending Robinhood: Finance for Good?
Finance Virtue Seeker 
Gareb Shamus
The Power of Superheroes
"The" Superhero Guru
James McRitchie
Corporate Democracy from the Inside Out 
Shareholder Activist
Logan Scott
Diversity as a Superpower in Business
Corporate Diversity Superhero
Casey Fannon
Shared Economic Benefits: Intro to Co-ops
Co-op Moneyman
Roberta MacDonald
Time: The Most Valuable Commodity
Master Marketer &
Co-op Champion
Paulo Santori
A New Soul for the Global Economy - EoF
Economic Historian
Myrian Castello
A New Soul for the Global Economy - EoF
Right-to-Dream Activist/Facilitor
Megah Desai
The Economic Value of Dignity
Dignity Warrior
Steven Donziger
Capitalism in Service to Human Rights
Human Rights Lawyer

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For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?